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Insight into global competition with a strategic perspective

Our vision, mission, spirit and value is to win with you!

Changshun Group 2011—2020 strategy

•  To be the industrialized Group achieving suatainable profitable performance.  •  To offer innovative solutions for customer's success.  •  To establish sci-tech enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights.

•  To be the low-carbon chemical industry with international brand.  •  To pursue the innovative foundation with continuous and outstanding development.


core values

  • Always be good examples, combining passion and detail.

    As a fast-growing enterprise ,our team should expand our thinking mode and remain entrepreneurial passion, so that we can develop continually;We must remain strict,careful,diligent and perseverant on the work style;By always being good examples to others and detail-oriented, we can succeed.

  • To achieve continuous profitable performance

    From the perspective of sustainable development, ensuring continuous profitable performance is the key to keep our enterprise everlasting,especially is the basis requirement of our work.For the interest of our customers shareholders and employees, we must creat value to achieve sustainable profitable performance. Achieving continuous profitable performance is a gradusl course in pursuit of excellence,we can not overdraft the future resources only for a short-term interest or partial and local interests,nor can we sell our future.

  • Innovate for the success of our customers

    All our business,technology ,management and innovation are aimed at improving the long-term value and competitive power.By cooperating with our customers,we help them be more successful.To achieve this goal,we work with customers to uncover business opportunities and develop new products,technologies,processes and services with high value.

  • Safety,Health and Environmental Responsbility

    ag凯时登录 We are responsible for our actions, and support Responsible Care Action.No economic interest should be superior to safety,health and environment.

  • People-oriented,Mutual Respect and Frank Dialogue.

    We treat every employee fairly and respect their genders,races and beliefs.We value the open,frank and mutual trust dialogue and condition,not only within the company,but with business partners,communities and relevant organizations to maintain a frank and friendly relation.

  • Teamwork and professional competency

    ag凯时登录 We build effective teams with commercialized personality,professional character and high integrity and capability,forming the best team in the industy through training individuals with the team spirit and professional competence. We encourage our employees to exert their creativity and potential to chieve success together with the company.

  • Integrity

    We believe that the basic principl of a man and a company is integrity,so we comply with company's value,the laws and respect the business practices in the operation area.